Men Cannot Be Passive And Masculine

From a young age, boys try to figure out what it takes to be a man. They are often hesitant, reluctant, awkward, and self-conscious. These traits usually come into a dominating existence over a boy when they around the time they begin puberty and adolescence. The early teenage years are critical for a boy. They often latch onto what being a man is, depending on the masculine influences. If there is no true masculinity guiding them, then the traits mentioned earlier take them over, and they become stuck in a perpetual state of boyhood, leaving them to be a passive male.

I coached middle school-aged football players for five years and saw boys guided by their fathers and those who did not have a masculine influence at all. The difference in how they acted both on and off the field was striking.

Those boys who already had masculinity pouring into their lives were often easier to show how to lead on the field, coach, hit harder and often took a leadership role naturally among their peers. They already had the foundation from their father, who invested time, love, and interest in their lives.

The kids who did not have a dad were often scattered mentally, hesitant to understand violence is okay in football, and they were passive in challenging other players in one-on-one type drills. Controlled aggression, determination, leadership, and assertiveness was not part of who they were.

Sadly, if these types of boys never have a masculine influence to teach them that hesitance, reluctance, fear, and passivity kill the masculine soul, they will never find a reason to be masculine. Imagine an entire society like this.

Passivity means” acceptance of what happens without active response.” Just think about that for a moment. When have you seen a guy who stands by when something is controversial? Or how about when a guy sits back to “let it happen” instead of taking charge? Or when he allows “fate” to make choices for him? These thoughts are killing men internally and have demolished millions of men mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

Men with sons are responsible for making sure they did all they could to prevent their sons from being passive. We are to lay the groundwork and principles of being masculine, which means we teach them the following: be aggressive but be in control of it; compete against others; show your love for your wife; be a better version of yourself daily; take pride in providing; always protect those who are weaker; never back down when you are right; fight evil; most importantly never let passivity set in because everything else will crumble.

Certain parts of our society want passive men. They prefer guys who are not assertive, easy to push over, weak, and always agreeable. There is a reason for that – men who are the opposite of those traits are hard to beat.

If a guy is passive, he cannot be masculine. If he is masculine, he is alive internally.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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