Always Be Ready for Aggression, But Stay in Control

Author: Josiah Stricklin


I had this blog post planned for a couple of weeks to accompany the last post on being an aggressive leader. With what’s going on in our world today, this seems to be quite timely. I was listening to a podcast a few months ago, and this gentleman was talking about aggression. Now, he’s not someone you’d consider dangerous. He’s a very wealthy lawyer who used to work for President Trump before he was the President. In the course of the discussion, I learned that he almost always carries a knife and gun. He was detailing how men must have a level of aggression underneath the surface that they can tap into at a moments notice. He said that you should be able to go from calm to full-on assault in an instance. As with my last post, I’m telling you, as a man, you need to be aggressive. You should have a level of aggression underneath the surface, ready to be tapped into when need comes knocking.

Why, you might ask? Have you seen the news? At any moment, someone can attack you, your family, friends, or someone near you. I don’t say this to make you fearful. I’m telling you this because, as a man, it’s your job to protect people. Sorry if that bothers you, but that’s one of the reason you’re on this planet. Are you ready to protect, or are you a lamb hoping they won’t hurt you or the people with you? If you don’t have a reservoir of aggression to tap into, then what’s going to drive the fight? I’m not talking about rage. Rage can get you killed. If you’re in a rage, your thinking is clouded. You must to able to analyze a situation, see what needs to be done, and then tap into an aggression that will bring speed and violence to the situation. No, I’m not talking about winning an argument or getting one over on a homie.

When your actions could save your life and the people at hand, then you’ll need aggression. You need to have that savage, warrior part of your soul ready to be called into action. The left has tried to get us to bury this and told us that it’s not necessary anymore. They’ve said to us that women don’t want that kind of man. They want a sensitive man who’s in touch with his feminine side. On the whole, I’d say they’ve won. For the most part, we’ve buried aggression.

My wife would probably like it if I were more emotional and sensitive. However, I know she’d trade, for she has traded, some of my lack of emotions for the sense of safety that comes with knowing that I have an underlying aggression ready to come out. She’s secure knowing that if it comes to it, a savage will be unleashed for her and my families defense. She doesn’t want a mindless beast, but a man that can harness aggression and bring it to bear with speed and violence of action to neutralize the threat. You know what? If you have aggression under the surface, most of the time, you won’t have to jack it up to 100. I can tell you many times I’ve had to step in or confront a situation, and I dialed it up to about 25 -30%. Most people aren’t ready for it, and in these situations goes past this level. It doesn’t need to.

If this isn’t your natural default or if you’ve suppressed this instinct, don’t fret. You can get in touch with it again. Hitting the weights is a great way to tap into that animalistic nature. Martial arts are as well. Boxing, wrestling, there are many ways to get back in touch with your masculinity and reconnect with the savage in you. Go outside, get dirty working with your hands, hike, connect with nature, do some manual labor. These little things can help bring more masculinity out in you, and the more it comes out, the more the aggression will start to be there. Inside every man is a warrior, it’s our job to bring it out, to hone our skills and, if necessary, to use them to protect the weaker among us. That doesn’t always mean women and children. Sadly, all these beta males out there may need defending as well. Now that is a messed up thought, but let’s be real, they won’t be the ones holding the line when things get hairy.

As I write this, I remember the toxic men that found their aggression on the beaches of Normandy. Thank God that those men weren’t betas! Thank God they knew what was asked of them, and they took their duty seriously. I’m telling you that you have an assignment also. Your mission is to protect, to find that aggression somewhere in your soul, and harness it. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it. Probably, you’ll live a peaceful existence, and it’ll never need to be shoved to the surface, but you have to be ready. Once the aggression is there, then you need to train. Be prepared to act, to defend, to bring violence.

My brothers, someone has to stand in the gap. Someone has to stand up for those that won’t or can’t. This is a defining trait of what it means to be a man, a Toxic Man. So, my brothers, hone your aggression, fine-tune your skills, train, and as always, stay toxic.

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  • Great post. Very much needed today

    Thomas Rose

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