Ask Your Children for Forgiveness - You Will Be Better For It.

One of the hardest but most important things we can do is admitting when we are wrong and asking for forgiveness. It is not easy asking adults, but humility is a quality we must learn to exercise when the time calls for it. However, have you ever asked your children to forgive you?

As a parent, I am not perfect, and there are no perfect parents. We have our faults. Those could be impatience, aggravation, or stress. These states can put us in moods that are not normal for us. If we do not know how to recognize and manage them, our children may suffer.

If life comes at us sideways, as people we do not always handle our work or personal issues appropriately and end up snapping at our kids for something they have no power over. Think about it. Our children end up getting yelled at, blamed for, or punished because we lost control and took out our frustration on them.

This happens. I am guilty. However, these types of moments are teachable for our kids and us. What do you do now? Carry on as if nothing happened and hope they forget about it? If so, you have damaged your child and your relationship. Or do you humble yourself and ask for forgiveness?

We must do the latter.

These are the moments where we can learn something about becoming a better parent and more reflective human being, or we can choose to run away from our responsibilities in leading by example and teaching our children that we do not let our faults define us but rather how we respond when wrong.

We must apologize to our children. They are people who continuously look for guidance. We need to show them there are times when we are wrong even as parents and we are not perfect. It is not easy. It is very humbling.

I promise that when you do have to apologize to your child for snapping at them or being overly harsh because you had a bad day, the voice of them saying,” it’s okay, daddy. I still love you, and you’re still the best dad” will change you for the better. If that moment does not change you for the rest of your life, you’re dead internally.

Never cease to tell your kids you messed up and ask for forgiveness. Remember, while they are a child as a human, you are a child as a parent. You can grow together that is better for you, your family, and your community and our country.

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