Men Be An Example for Your Children

We have a problem in our nation. For too long, children have suffered from a lack of masculinity in their lives. The lack of masculine influence has hurt our country, society, and culture.

Since there are only two genders – yes just two and not one more – I will address each one on their own.

Men, we need to set an example for our daughters should strive for when seeking a husband. If we are abusive, standoffish, hateful, rude, or mean to our daughter’s mother, she will see this as usual. This will lead to her finding someone to date who treats her the same way, and that is unacceptable. If you love your daughters at all, then the standard is clear – love and respect her mom, especially in front of her.

These are two fundamental traits that our daughters should see. Our daughters must also be treated the same way. I am not saying abandon discipline, not even close. The way we show love to our children, in general, is through structure and training. I am merely saying that these girls need to see their mothers loved by their husbands.

Men, remember your daughters are going to marry a man one day. You must ask yourself one question: Are you the type of example that exemplifies love and respect for your daughter to seek later on in life?

I have two daughters. However, I am a volunteer football coach at a local middle/high school. The players are my sons. I have a slightly different approach since they are not around me all of the time. That does not mean I cannot be a father-figure – many do not know their dad or have little contact with them. I have heard the same line many times, “man, I wish my dad was around.” The lack of masculinity is a compounding problem.

A man with sons has a responsibility to tackle the severe issues – how certain parts of society’s treatment of women is wrong, dangers of pornography, disrespect, and objectification. Men, if we do not teach how these actions hurt women, someone will negatively influence our sons by telling them it is okay. Do you want your son to have a convoluted idea of women from the music industry, Hollywood, or a bad influence at school?

We must teach them that masculinity leads, protects and provides. But we must also show them how to use our leadership skills with cleaning, cooking, or doing some housework for our wives when they are overwhelmed. These types of love actions will resonate with our sons and are examples of great men.

Men, we are responsible for teaching our children how to treat women. We are supposed to be leaders. Leading the home and family we created is the most important societal and cultural undertaking we will ever do.

Unless we take responsibility for our children, they will believe that an emasculated or beta male is what masculinity is and that is far from the truth.


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