Do Not Be Fooled. The Left Does Not Care About Gun Violence.

As predicted, Democrats are trying to press more gun ownership restrictions on law-abiding citizens with nothing to do with the recent shooting at the Boulder, Colorado supermarket last week. After the news broke immediately, Twitter erupted with leftists claiming that there need to be more restrictive gun laws – none that would stop illegal ownership by criminals - only people who care about their personal and family safety would be hampered. To believe that Democrats, or the left in general, genuinely care about gun violence is mentally void.

When the news initially hit a mass shooting at King Sooper’s grocery store located in Boulder, Colorado, anti-second amendment advocates immediately jumped on the incident. Demanding more gun control, they began spouting off reasons why guns are evil in their opinion and demonizing those who own guns and do not directly oppose gun ownership. And, of course, they had to blame “toxic masculinity.”

I came across an article on (I read this drivel, so you do not have to) that stated there is a “systemic” issue with gun ownership fueled by men and their guns – I am sure you wouldn’t believe that the author is a radical feminist (insert sarcasm).

Democrats have a hard time implementing their socialist agenda under our founding system, and that is why they attack our country’s institutions and culture so aggressively. The author used the phrase “systemic change” in the subtitle of her article. The real meaning? “Cancel the Second Amendment and take all of the guns.” Anytime you see the word “systemic” in a conversation, skepticism should immediately be at the front of your mind, along with critical thought.

In her article, she sourced a article that read seven mass shootings in the last seven days across the country. However, there was one striking thing about it: there was no mention of Chicago. CNN’s definition of a mass shooting is an incident where four or more casualties occur. By CNN’s explanation, mass shootings arise daily in The Windy City, but there is no outrage, or tears shed, or demands to stop gun violence in the city by those who claim to be saddened by gun violence. Some of the strictest gun laws are in place in large Democrat controlled cities, and they are entirely pointless; as there are mass shootings in them daily.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth that predictably ensue after a large-scale shooting are fake; it’s false; it’s fabricated; it’s insincere; it’s politically driven. Left-wing politicians and their mouthpieces in the media do not care about gun violence. Democrats know that guns are a tool that keeps their overreaching plans for power at bay. The left does not admit it, but they know the Second Amendment hampers them; however, they cannot accept it. Otherwise, their never-ending search for power will be much more apparent and rejected by independent voters and moderate Democratic voters.

Do you want to know how little the left cares about mass shootings? Just watch how quickly they shut up, delete their tweets and start bleating “orange man bad!” when they find out that a shooter was not a “white MAGA male.”

In the end, it is about abolishing the Second Amendment.

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