Masculinity, Identity Politics and Beta Males

Democrats have a hard time selling their ideas to the American people. Americans who use critical thought and are not guided by their feelings all of the time. The idea that higher taxes, big government, gun control, and cutting tens of thousands of jobs for unproven global cooling. No, wait, global warming. Hold on, I mean climate change is not a good idea. Common sense Americans know this. These ideas hurt Democrats from winning a political seat. So how do they win? The answer: identity. Blend that with politics, and the left creates a victimhood mentality, making an electorate. In search of political power, Democrats have weakened masculinity by portraying it as “toxic.”

Identity politics makes people feel that merely because of their outer identifying marks, they are victims. The political left has manipulated and brainwashed individuals into a collective group of outraged victims that cannot articulate why they are upset. Leftism does not accept that people should be responsible for their actions. Instead, they have tricked weak-minded individuals into buying that everyone is out to get them based on identity.

The concept of personal responsibility and merely being a good person who acts out his goodwill on others has been dissolved and degraded into a power grab by Democrats. Unfortunately, millions of men have bought into this ideology as well, and it is destroying masculinity.

Masculinity is a part of a male that needs to be fed. Men who do not get a proper dose of positive masculinity while growing up will likely not become the masculine influence that brings stability and strength to their family and others around them. An adult man is not necessarily manly and is without the masculine spirit; he is a neutered and wandering person – this makes him a beta male.

Beta males often use the wrong vehicles to achieve what they believe to be masculinity – sexual conquests, pornography, abuse, domineering, misplaced aggression, and political ideology. Often, beta males do not know the importance of self-esteem. So, what do they do? They look for an identity, and sadly it has become politics.

We are living in highly politicized times, maybe the most political in America’s history. Real masculinity does not believe that a political ideology makes them a man. Yes, they can call themselves Republican or Democrat or Libertarian, but that should not be their primary identifier.

When our military service members are fighting in the trenches, there is no political ideology. The same applies to practical, building masculinity.

The left is the purveyors of identity politics, and like everything the left does, it has ruined men through politics. There is no meaning in political ideas intended to crush men and neuter us; it is about an agenda at that point. We have a place in our family, job, culture, society, and this country. However, the left is trying to stamp us out.

Real masculinity and identity politics do not go together. If a guy says he is masculine but then espouses the ideas of leftism (which is anti-masculinity, as I have written about before), then he is a beta male using political views in an attempt to form who he is as a “man.” Genuinely masculine men can show how manly they are without mentioning politics.

Politics do not make a masculine man. Traditional masculinity makes men.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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