Masculinity Does Not Need to be Redefined

Dating back thousands of years, men have provided for their families. They hunted for meat and other edible items. When there was a need for shelter or a repairman, men were there to accomplish the task. The weak and young needed protection from wild animals and people who were invading to rape and pillage. For the length of history, women have appreciated their men who gave them what they needed to stay safe and comfortable. Now, in the time of being "woke," all of a sudden, the attribute of being manly is looked up as something misogynistic, overbearing, sexist, or oppressive.

 Masculinity does not need a redefinition. Being a man has value and meaning. We are an essential part of life. Men are on the earth to protect women, children, and the elderly from evil, the predators on two legs. To be protected, we must be rough. Men must be willing to stand in the face of danger – risking it all. I do not see any beta males doing this. When was the last time you saw a beta fighting for what is noble and just? Typically, they will cower away.

 Social Justice Warriors and certain political factions would like there to be more beta males. In their world masculine, manly men are not needed. They use the term "toxic masculinity" to shame men and beat us over and over again until we say," Fine. I will change, stop."

 The dangerous world we live in dictates what a man needs to be. Just because we don't necessarily need to go out into the woods, shoot the game, and clean it to provide for our family does not mean that we should not, from time to time. Deep within our masculine core, there is a drive to provide organically for our family. I am not saying stop going to the grocery store to buy meat. What I am offering is that you do not get so comfortable with life's convenience's that you die on the inside, forgetting who you are as a man.

 The age of Social Justice Warriors is a direct scourge on young boys and teens. Certain teachers are no longer teachers but indoctrinators, instead. Their purpose is to recondition masculinity to what they believe it should be from their leftist social standpoint, which is confusing for young boys and teens.

 Men, we do not need to change. In times like this, leftist "masculinity" or the "New Masculinity" as they call it must be wholly rejected. If you look around, the world is about balance – hot or cold, wet or dry, day and night. The same applies to us as humans; we have man and woman.

Masculinity does not need a rebranding. We need to cling to who we are as traditional men.




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