Masculinity Is Freedom, Not A Prison

We just celebrated Independence Day for the 244th time in our nation's history. I posted on Instagram and Facebook, receiving a positive response, which was not surprising since the majority of The Toxic Man followers are men who love America. However, we have some from Canada and the United Kingdom, which is incredible to see. The birthday of our nation and the freedom America brings made me think about this: masculinity and the freedom it carries.

The left tells us that being a traditional man is wrong, oppressive, misogynistic, sexist, shameful, abusive, disrespectful, too aggressive, too competitive, too harsh, and the list continues. Those who try to change traditional masculinity portray ordinary masculine qualities as one thing: a prison.

Being a man has been under attack aggressively since the early 1980s when the mythopoetic men's movement began, and the term "toxic masculinity" became coined. The academic world picked up the saying and ran with it – making traditional masculinity a bad thing.

The left now calls masculinity as we know it a prison. They liken it to a state of a male that is miserable because he is self-reliant, competitive, aggressive, assertive, and takes charge. All of these are toxic masculinity to the academe. Now, we have high schoolers and early twenty-somethings who hear their teachers and professors tell them that masculinity, as traditionally known, is terrible, and it needs a reformation. They tell impressionable young adults that if you believe in traditional masculinity or behave like such, you are toxic to society and our culture. 

Those who echo these sentiments are lying – plain and simple. There is no other way to describe it. Masculinity is not a prison. The left wants to put traditional men in a psychological and emotional jail. They seek to put men into what they believe masculinity should be, not what it naturally is.

Traditional masculinity is freedom. Real men have a sense of self, strong values, confidence, protect others, and caters to the needs of the weak. They also defend their beliefs and values, compete to make his life or family's life better, apply appropriate aggression for what controls his emotions, and relies on himself to provide. These provide freedom.

 On the other hand, the idea of "new masculinity" ties down men and puts them behind emotion and mental bars. They want men to have silky smooth hands, a soft face, be non-threatening, weak, scared of other opinions, easily offended, overly emotional, in touch with his "feminine side," and willing to be walked over. These qualities provide a perfect male for a radical feminist because he will not mind being pushed around for the sake of a society/cultural agenda.

These are not usual qualities for a man to have within his soul; they are mostly a jail cell. It is not natural for men to suppress their competitive drive, sit back when things go badly, worry about their emotions always, or rely on the government.

Masculinity set by the rules of a societal/cultural movement orchestrated by the left is not true manliness. It is a lesson plan, so-to-speak, on how males should behave based on their ideology. Leftists do not dictate real men's actions. If faced with a situation, traditional masculinity will do the right thing. If not, they are cowards and probably on the left.

Traditional masculinity brought freedom to America. If we are not careful, the "new masculinity" knighted by leftism will carry a prison sentence to our nation.

As always, stay toxic to the left's agenda.


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