Memorial Day: Why We Honor

In Memorial: My great-great uncle Don Doggett was enlisted in the United States Army. He was an infantryman attached to a tank unit. While in Italy, in 1943, his group was attacked. During the assault, he was moving alongside a tank on foot when he was struck by gunfire and died. 


Sometimes we need to be reminded of why we celebrate certain days. Today is no different. I am a guy who is firmly entrenched in tradition and believe in the value it brings to America. I think that masculinity should not change for the “New Masculinity” that Social Justice Warriors want in this country – weak, feckless beta males who are scared of their own shadow. It is easy to get wrapped up in good times with friends while around a pool with the hunger-inducing scents of beef and chicken on the grill. But let’s never forget one thing: Why we celebrate Memorial Day.


Who doesn’t enjoy a day off from work where we don’t have to spend any personal time to get paid? Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious cheeseburger from the grill? And most importantly, who doesn’t value spending time with our family and friends during Memorial Day? However, do we take the time to remember why we have the freedom to do these things?

We should enjoy all of these activities, even shopping the sales. The problem I see is that there are Americans who take part in all of the freedoms we have, but never stop to reflect.


Memorial Day is not a day to thank a veteran; we have that opportunity in November and any other day of the year. Today, we remember those brave men and women who have faced evil and gave their lives so that we can enjoy America.


I am not going to say they were fearless in what they did. I am sure they were terrified. Many military personnel knew that death was inevitable. They also knew that if they made it out alive, the nightmare of war would haunt them for the rest of their lives – many were 18 to 19 years old.

What makes today so unique is that despite all the fear and terror, those soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and sailors still heroically gave their lives to the United States.


Don’t go to your BBQ and be a bump on the log. Go out and have as much fun by the pool or on the lake as you can. The military members who gave their lives would want you to, or their death would be in vain. However, stop for a few moments and give thanks for their sacrifice. Because of them, you have the liberty and freedom to grill, swim, or drink a beer.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who fought and died from the inception of our country until today, May 25, 2020. Enjoy the freedoms those heroes died for, but don’t forget who made it all possible.


“Toxic masculinity” has preserved America since 1776.




  • yes god love there hearts, i pray for them everyday. you are a good guy David

    timothy stoddard
  • yes god love there hearts, i pray for them everyday. you are a good guy David

    timothy stoddard

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