Men, Do Not Be Tamed. Be Wild. Be Dangerous.


Our jobs can cause us to lose our masculinity. We are crammed into small cubicles, often times with no windows. Then, our workload leaves us sitting in one place staring at a screen for hours. Technology and convenience advancements have caused men to become sedentary and sometimes worthless to our wives and families. 

We cannot lose sight on who we are. As men, we should fight the urge to become tamed - deep down this is not our nature. Men were made to go out into the wild and explore. Women do not desire a guy who sits at work then comes home to stare at another screen and ignore her. She desires a excitement and thrill.

Men, when you get home from work take her somewhere. It does not matter the destination. It is summertime so take her to get ice cream or just tell her to get in the truck or car and go. When she asks where you are going just say " I don't know. We will find out when we get there." If you have kids, get a babysitter without her knowing and surprise her. Women love surprises no matter how simple. 

We were not made for a domesticated life. The thrill of danger is what makes us feel alive. Your wife or girlfriend want to be part of that thrill. They want to experience danger with you. It will build a strong bond like you have never experienced and great memories will be made.

Men, it is time to step out. If your job requires you to be inside all day, make plans to be outside while the weather is nice. Go for a hike, camp, hit the lake, go wall climbing, visit a new place - DO SOMETHING!

Trust me, you will feel alive and she will be honored to be by your side as her man takes her on a new adventure.

Be toxic, men. Embrace what the left says is bad for society and our culture. 

- John 

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