Men Should Not Be In Women's Sports

I recently put a short video on Instagram about this, but there is much more that needs to be said. Women’s athletics is under attack, and ironically enough, the left is pushing the movement. Yes, the ones who are the founders of identity politics are punishing women.

Recently, there were two significant pieces of news.

The first one is about Rachel McKinnon, a professor at the College of Charleston. One quick thing – do not let the name fool you. Rachel is a male posing as a female, so I will address him as to what gender he is. He is a cyclist who competes against women. The only reason to be an intact male and compete in athletics is that he could not get a competitive advantage. Therefore, the only logical thing to do is erroneously claim that he is a woman so that he can win.

McKinnon recently won a gold medal and set a world record at the Masters Track Cycling World Championship. He broke the old record a real female set then was proud of it. Can you imagine if you were a female competing against him? You train for years upon years, possibly decades, and maybe even set some records. Then, a male who identifies as a female enters the group of competitors and destroys all that you have accomplished. All of your hard work is null, and you will never have a chance again.

Secondly, this week at the University of Montana, June Eastwood – a transgender female – won Female Athlete of the Week award. Before running on the women’s team, Eastwood ran in the men’s category. Now, he identifies as a female and dominates his competitors. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE? What is happening to women and their athletics should infuriate you.

The left is not for women’s rights. The coddling and advocating these people is anti-woman. If the left was really for women’s rights, they would have come out and condemned this like any other level-headed person. Allowing men in women’s sports should not be a political issue, but the left is making it one for the sake of votes.

Women fought for the right to vote and have a say so in our society – thankfully, they got it. Females have competed for bragging rights of who is best in their gender for sports and Olympic events until now. Males who identify as females are slowly chipping away at their accomplishments. What is the point of competing anymore if there is no chance of being the best when a male can claim he is a female and enter the competition and dominate?

It is time for this madness to stop. There are only two genders – male and female.
This is not a human rights issue, unlike the left declares. We do not have a right to compete in sports. And there is not a right to lessen the competition simply because you cannot beat those in your group.

The insanity must end. If you cannot be the best, accept it. But do not make women your competition punching bag – it’s pathetic.

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