Men, Stop Being So Emotional

Men, stop being so over emotional. The lady in your life does not like it.

There will be times when you do get emotional, but chronic talks about your feelings is obnoxious. As men, we should keep our emotional bouts to a minimum.

If all you do is complain about how much you hate your job, an ex-girlfriend, fiancé or ex-wife you will quickly become unattractive. Women do not want to hear whining about the past and things that cannot get fixed and how you feel about them. They want to see a man who is assertive and has the mental strength to persevere and move on.

We live in a time where feelings get overemphasized. Certain groups want guys to “be in touch with their feelings.” The notion that men need to get “centered” on how they feel is the equivalent to hot garbage in the humid southern heat. Yes, men have feelings, but we do not need to be worried about how we feel all the time. 

There are instances when feelings have to go away for a while. For example, when military personnel/law enforcement are in the heat of battle - they have to stay focused on survival, or a police officer dealing with certain types of victims, or a firefighter is about to enter a burning structure, or if we come upon a horrific wreck, and the people are traumatically injured, but we can render help. 

Those are not the times to worry about our feelings. Instances like I mentioned require men to be men. Times, when our families go through an adverse experience, means we must be stoic and controlled. If we allow our feelings to guide us, all logical thought gets pushed aside, and then we tend to become over-emotional and fail as the leader of our homes.

Our women counterparts need us for our God-given qualities, and we must stay emotionally in control, allowing clear thought to guide us. It is part of how we lead. We need to step up and not let our feelings guide our decisions and actions. If two emotional people are making a life-altering decision, there will likely be problems.

We need to stop complaining so much. We let our feelings and emotions take over, and that turns us into men that women will not find attractive. Women do not like guys who allow their feelings to control them then turn around and whine about the outcome of an emotional decision. This is not how a leader, protector, and provider operate. 

It is time we stop whining and start being real men.

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