No. Beta Males Are Not Masculine.

There is an attack on masculinity. I don’t care when others say there isn’t, and you shouldn’t either. Unlike many, I choose to believe my eyes and think critically, not just believe what others say. A faction is determined to beat the idea that manliness is good out of our heads, reconstructing it into what they politically think it should be. Political agendas cannot be easily peddled when masculine men get in the way. The media, pop culture, Big Tech, politicians, etc., have created a narrative that beta males are more noble, virtuous, important, moral, and better than masculine men. Simply put, as Maury Povich has often said, “that is a lie.”

In not so many words, the American Psychological Association (APA) has declared masculinity a mental disorder. Yes, the traits that traditionally masculine men possess are considered a mental sickness and have been placed in the categories where bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression, and so on are listed.

When the APA officially considers a condition natural, they will begin to create treatment plans and offer “solutions” to at least manage them. Traditionally masculinity will be no different. Mainstream media, leftists, social media influencers, celebrities, and politicians have latched on and started a crusade to change traditional masculinity.

The goal is to indoctrinate kids from the outside. As fathers, brothers, and mentors, we need to ensure that we teach young boys that traditional masculinity is good, honorable, forthright, virtuous, and strong with integrity.

Leftists often say “all forms of masculinity are good.” That is false. There is nothing good about a beta male. They stand by when a woman or child is being bullied or attacked. Protection is not in their vernacular. Beta males tend to be feckless and weak. One reason men have testosterone and more muscle mass is for defending their families and those who cannot protect themselves.

The left is trying to redesign masculinity. Leftists say that their idea of manliness lies in the “new masculinity.” This is the problem “new masculinity” poses: Social Justice Warriors are trying to impose a political agenda-driven mentality on normal biological tendencies.

It is usual for men to be driven, competitive, aggressive (when needed), self-reliant, stoic, strong, leaders, and warriors. On the flip side, it is not natural for a guy to be complacent with failure, weak, timid, reliant, and over-emotional.

The left is trying to redefine masculinity into what they desire then lie about beta males being “masculine.” There is nothing manly about beta males. If someone says “masculinity is what the person says it is,” they are lying. In reality, we have standards, and those measures matter. Leftists blur the lines between reality and fantasy, confusing weak-minded people.

There is a reason young boys look to masculine men for guidance and not beta males – even a child knows authentic masculinity and is drawn to it.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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