Masculinity Isn't Toxic - People Are

Make no mistake that the term "toxic masculinity" is meant to shame traditional men for their values, morals, roles, beliefs and change them. Some people do not like conventional men, and they are on a mission to change what masculinity is. We believe men are strong, competitive, forthright, and pillars. Those who oppose us want men to be neutered, feckless, weak, and always agreeable. Our natural qualities and traditional masculine views are not toxic to anyone except the left and what they intend to push on us. Traditional masculinity is not toxic; only bad people.

As we look across the news landscape, it is not easy to find much information about good news. There are murders, theft, assaults, rapes, and death reported daily in a nation with approximately 330 million people, so the sheer number is astounding. It is a sad display of who we are as human beings. However, to blame masculinity for all of this is dangerous, irresponsible, and ignorant at best.

Crime, misdeeds, moral turpitude, etc., does not come easier to men simply because of their sex. It is a manifestation of deeply flawed people who fail to be perfect daily.

The 2019 Gillette commercial that perpetuated the misnomer that masculinity is toxic has a scene where two boys are wrestling. The first scene shows a line of what appears to be fathers standing behind grills saying," Boys will be boys" – painting them in an uncaring, disconnected light. A few seconds later, one woke dad swiftly refuses to stand for two young boys wrestling like savages and stops them. I've got to say that Gillette's advertising department is more enlightened than I could ever have imagined – not really. 

Men have the capability to cause damage through physical, mental, or emotional means – the same as females. What is the difference? A political ideology ignores one while bringing attention to the other.

Traditional masculinity is not a "problem" or "oppressive" or "toxic." Your biological sex does not make you toxic. Being masculine does not make you dangerous to others. Being a bad person is what makes someone virulent.

People are not naturally good. It is easier to be selfish, self-involved, greedy, egotistical, narcissistic, self-seeking, or out for number one. As far as I can tell, these negative human qualities are not an attribute of just men; they apply to women.

The attack on masculinity is real. Over the last few decades, we have seen the rise of radical feminism. The left has continually built up one sex while demonizing and attempting to destroy the other. Their attempts are not an accident; they are strategic and deliberate. The point of calling masculinity toxic is to break it down over time, then build it back to what it should be in their ideology. One can think of it as a boot camp for manliness.

There is nothing toxic about masculinity. Real men already understand that bullying is wrong; that sexual assault damages the victim; that selfishness is amiss; that unjustified violence is immoral. How we act as men has nothing to do with being masculine – it has to do with who we are as a person. Leftists are not concerned with being a better human; just an effective political/cancel culture/political correctness assassin.

As always, stay toxic to the left's agenda.

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