No, violence isn’t “cool.” It is necessary.

Violence is not pretty. However, there are times when it is necessary. When one enters the military, they are taught to use a rifle efficiently. Hours get spent shooting, putting lead downrange to become proficient in killing the enemy. Recruits spend time learning hand-to-hand combat, learning how to break joints/bones, and disable the enemy. Eventually, some go to advance training where they learn how to kill with their bare hands. Citizens take classes where they learn self-defense that can be transitioned into an offense attack when needed. Of course, it is not "cool" as some claim we believe. We are simply in touch with reality and know there are times when violence is necessary.


No, we should not leave our house seeking violence. Sometimes, letting certain words and phrases slide off your back with a smile is a better choice. If things escalate, call law enforcement and let them handle the situation. HOWEVER, there are times when those two options simply are not feasible or wise. When an attacker has ambushed you in a parking lot, your child is swept up, and the assailant is fleeing, your house door has been kicked in by a home invader, then it is time to react – decisively, swiftly, and VIOLENTLY.


Passivists and those unattached to reality, beta males, say," People who use violence only do it to be cool" are out of touch, ignorant, weak, and worthless to any type of situation where physical strength, mental strength, and testicular fortitude are required.


How about the kid who is picked on consistently from the school bully? For decades in our country, men who took their parental responsibilities seriously taught their children how to deal with bullies. They prepared their child to defend themselves, but making it clear not to seek trouble – only stop it. Bullies do not learn until they are popped in the nose- like it or not that is a fact of life. Bullies do not learn by a teacher sitting them in time out, mostly, and saying," Now, you should not do that. That is mean." Sometimes violence is necessary to stop bullies.


Women are the fairer sex. Many times, they are smaller or weaker than their assailant. The same people who claim all men are rapists do not encourage women to defend themselves adequately with handguns. Instead, they promote "rape whistles." Think about that for a moment. A whistle to stop a rapist. That is how much the left cares about women. There are times when we, as men, cannot be around to protect our lady. However, encouraging them to be ready for applying violence via self-defense (eye clawing, crotch strikes with knees, feet, hands, or elbows) or firearm usage is one of the more masculine things a man can do – daughters included.


I do not look at violence as "cool." It is needed. Always has been and always will. As men, we are protectors of the weak – no matter the age or gender. Violence is something to be used as a last resort, but it must be fast and decisive. It is ironic that the left hates violence for protection, but never condemns it when political factions use it to suppress someone's rights on the political/cultural/societal right.

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