Our Children Do Not Deserve Our Work Issues

I am just as guilty as the next dad. There are times when I am frustrated about work, something about the house, our vehicle and so forth. Often times, as men, we try to stay silent about these irritations. We are the kings of our castle after all. We are supposed to fix everything with ease, but that does not always happen. We get stumped and embarrassed that we cannot fix the problem. One thing we must make sure we do is not take our frustrations out on our children.

Like I said, I am guilty. I admit that perfection is not my thing. However, that does not mean we have an excuse. As men, we must strive to be better daily. Our life is a journey and the most precious important thing given to us are our kids.

There are no excuses that exist that allows us to take our annoyances out on our children. Everyday, we must find healthy ways to handle those problems.

We often think of our pets as a way to calm down and that is fine. However, if you have young children try connecting with them instead of yelling. Think about it – young children do not see our faults. Their love is pure and honest and they deserve the same from us

Our children see how we react to life’s adversities. If we act out, they will think that is the proper way to handle an issue. If we let the problem process and react calmly, we are leading our children in a way that is positive and constructive for them.

Furthermore, think about the damage we inflict on our children who get treated badly by their parent when they did nothing wrong. I am not referring to instances when our kids deserve discipline and punishment. I fully believe in those for building up our children for adulthood. I am referring to times when an issue culminates at work and you come home then take dissatisfaction out on your children because they are not your boss and will not fire you. How is that fair to them? Acting like that towards them crushes them mentally, and emotionally.

It is time that we do some work internally and handle work issues like men – not like immature boys in a grown man’s body. We must be patient, understanding, thoughtful and mature.

Don’t you think that our children deserve better than that? After all, they are precious gifts we should all be forever grateful for.

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