Personal Responsibility - Masculinity Requires It

Personal responsibility is one of the most important aspects of being a good person. As men, we must teach our children the importance of being a citizen that positively influences others. To do so, we must look inward and be accountable for what we do as men, husbands, fathers, brothers, and co-workers. A man taking control of obligations and understanding the importance of his influence is imperative to who they are and the legacy they leave behind. However, a movement across this country has downplayed the significance of personal responsibility, relenting it to the degradation of masculinity.

The lack of fathers in homes, rise in idolizing social media influencers, leftism infiltrating education, etc., has created a mentality that we see the fruits of now. There was a time when fathers were the dominant figure in the home, not in an abusive way, but as a leader of significance. One of the most important traits a father can teach their children is a personal responsibility. Looking around the news landscape, you will see that rarely will people take responsibility for their actions or cast a burden on their children for not owning their activities. Furthermore, the legacy media fails to do the same as well.

For instance, pay attention to the gun control narrative. Way too often, when a shooting is important enough for the national media to report, anchors and specially selected guests rarely want the shooter to take liability for their actions. Instead, the gun is to blame, not the offender. Unless the shooter has a political agenda that the left despises, it is the shooter's fault and not the gun. There is rarely personal responsibility placed on those who deserve it by the left.

The first step of personal responsibility is learning and teaching that the government is not a provider but an owner if allowed. The left hates those who do not lean on them to make it through life. Why? Because people who decide that it is their responsibility to succeed, and not the governments, means fewer Democrat voters.

Government dependency has created a mindset that certain people are "entitled" to government subsidies based on specific classes that politicians deem have a "right." Allowing this to happen has replaced personal responsibility, taking a step towards crushing masculinity in the process.

Men are made to be leaders and providers for their families – not subsidy-seeking shells of a person. Too many men choose to let the government take their family over and sitting back contently about it.

Personal responsibility makes men better overall. It builds their character, and that allows them to be an example for the next generation. Not being responsible for oneself is self-defeating and will lead to a further plummet into poverty, government dependence, lack of self-worth, and meaninglessness. Taking life obligations seriously and owning up to what is required of a man gives direction. It is time we as men stop blaming others for our problems and concertedly take steps to fix and prevent them.

As always, stay toxic to the left's agenda.


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