Dad's, Don't Let Social Media Raise Your Kids.

We live in a time where our kids are influenced by more than just the friends they make at school. The internet is a powerful tool. We can reach out across the world to reconnect, speak, make new acquaintances, create a brand, do a new business, and the list goes on. Yes, the web can be a good thing, but it can also be harmful. Social media cannot replace who we are as fathers, and it certainly cannot make boys masculine.

Social media abounds in today’s world. The platforms are seemingly endless – go to the app store. On these apps, there are “influencers” or the “blue check” names. These blue checkers can speak their opinion to the entire world and push their values into the face of young impressionable children.

It is no secret that Big Tech – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. - is owned by far-left activists. Their position and influence are powerful as they are the self-appointed arbiters of truth. This allows Big Tech to control the narrative of what young people learn as they don’t typically peruse multiple different types of news – conservative versus liberal – and get their “news” from social media sites instead. 

Power can influence others to the point that an entire generation can be positively or negatively affected. Outside entities easily mold both boys’ and girls’ minds if they do not have a strong relationship with their father, generally speaking. If a man does not take the time, energy, and emotion to instruct, discipline, and lead his child purposefully, then he or she will search for guidance elsewhere. The most popular place to look in today’s tech society is social media. 

My question is this: Are we going to allow social media to raise and pollute our kids, or will we drop the phone and be a dad? Be a leader. Be the gatekeeper. Or be the only influencer our child needs (along with their mom as well).

Sadly, there are more men out of touch with their children than ever before. Why? Because of social media. Dads are more worried about posting on their profile than interacting with their children in meaningful ways – sports, camping, drawing, playing, outdoor work, garage work, repairing broken items, etc. When a child no longer gets the attention from their dad that they naturally crave and need, they will turn their desire elsewhere, and what is the easiest? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. When this happens, dads lose touch with their children and the needed interpersonal interaction that child desires.

Being a father is one of the most critical and influential duties a man will ever undertake. Some fathers fail for various reasons – lack of care, interpersonal issues, ignorance, selfishness, etc. Other men excel at being dads – effort, desire, love, respect, and fear. Yes, fear, in terms of being afraid of being a bad father like their dad, they take fatherhood seriously.

Some dads have their faces on a phone instead of leading, teaching, and connecting with their children. Their actions create a vacuum that social media naturally will fill at the detriment of unwitting children, leading to a ripple effect that we are starting to see nationwide. Children need a masculine influence in their lives, and there is only one viable solution – a manly dad to lead, teach and guide the way to success.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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