Masculinity Is A Threat To Socialism

I would say that we recently went through a contentious election season: however, the season is not quite over. On one side, the Democratic Party and the media says Biden won and it is time to move on. On the opposition, President Trump and some Republicans say there are voting turnout, election machine software, absentee ballot, and ballot harvesting questions that need to be answered before the election is settled. If this election does not take a drastic turn in the way of Trump, America could be on a crash course for socialism.

One thing that can put the brakes on the Democrats is Republicans maintaining control of the Senate. But with some of the established Republican politicians there is no guarantee they will keep the radical Socialist Democratic Party at bay until 2022 – where the House of Representatives is trending toward Republican control. If Republicans do not keep the Senate, the next two years can be long and disastrous for our Republic.  

Socialism is the primary goal of the Democratic Party. It is a political system that takes healthcare, energy, schools, and means of production and places them in the hands of the government. When the government is in control of many aspects of one’s life, there is less individual freedom allotted to the person.

Men should not want the government to take care of them. Yes, there are times when help may be warranted or even necessary. However, when a man seeks out life-long, permanent support from the government, he willingly emasculates himself.

People have an innate drive to feel needed, whether they realize it or not. Socialism takes that need and destroys it. When an individual does something for a person – charitable or duty bound – it is a good feeling, and is part of providing as a man. This is a part of building strong masculinity. I understand that not all guys have this mentality, but I strongly encourage a change as we are consistently looking for fulfilling the meaning of life.

Socialism is a failed system. We have seen time and time again where countries have implemented socialist rules and regulations, taking responsibility out of the hands of husbands and fathers. When this happens, a purpose has been taken. Masculinity is the core of a man who knows how important it is to lead and provide for his family.

As masculine men, not beta boys, we must denounce and reject socialism. The program depends on soft, feckless, weak guys who will go along with their demands for the sake of “peace.” If you want to see the death of a man, just look at one who is voluntarily under the rule of socialism. Men who follow traditionally masculine traits are a threat to the implementation of socialist rule.

We must speak out on what socialism is and how it damages masculinity. It devalues traditional men as something that is important for a healthy functioning society, and it turns them into an enemy via demonization.

Traditional masculinity is an effective weapon against socialists. It is what stopped the Nazi German Army from implementing their global reign and freed Europe from its tyrannical ways. The left cannot prevail as long as we have masculine men who stand up for freedom and liberty then expose and reject socialist rules and regulations.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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  • Keep up the great work, masculinity is a natural order that should be celebrated! Stay toxic my friend!!

    John Bostdorf

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