Stop Being An Offended Crybaby

"I'm not paid enough. Life is too hard. Work is rough. My boss is mean. That person was rude. Life isn't fair. No one helps me. They hurt my feelings. That shouldn't be said or allowed. Cancel that person. Cancel that book." The list of excuses and whiny quotes I have heard through the years could go on for pages – not to mention the laments heard on the media. There are many issues with these sentences: victim mentality, laziness, self-loathing, apathy, weariness, etc. Authentic masculinity directly rejects this mindset as it is debilitating and does not fulfill our need to have a purpose. Unfortunately, I see and hear too many guys echo these sentiments. Simply put, they are crybabies and need to grow up and be a real man.

We have a problem with a lack of masculinity today, not just in America but across the world. The problem is that there is a multitude of guys, but not many real men anymore. Some 20-30 years ago, a movement started from a liberal ideology that made life easier for children and no longer challenged them to become stronger people emotionally and mentally. Coupled with the idea that telling every kid they are unique no matter what reinforced a victim mentality.

The real world does not care how special someone believes they are. Eventually, children grow up to become adults, and they should be responsible for themselves. The problem is that their parents created eventual crybabies, and crybabies are destined for failure, disappointment, depression, and meaninglessness. Continual reinforcement has made people who chronically whine and are offended by anything that challenges them or hold truth – it's pathetic.

Our society's fabric is decaying because many are offended by anything that challenges their way of thinking and believes that the world should bend to their whims and wants. One of the main reasons this is occurring is because we no longer have men who lead and raise their children to be mentally tough, challenging, and resolute, and it is a disservice to the child personally.

One way to combat this is to teach children that they will encounter people who disagree with them, and they need to have a "so what" mentality. Lack of parenting, leftist education, and the belief that they are "special in every way" have created kids who are chronic complainers.

There is nothing noble, honorable, virtuous, etc., about being consistently offended. If you pay attention, the chronically offended are miserable people. They are akin to a ship without a sail in the middle of the ocean; what is their life purpose? They have none. People who are always looking to be mad at something and have found no purpose for their existence are dangerous.

I am not saying we shouldn't be offended by certain things. Still, this mentality of waking up daily and looking for something or someone to cancel you disagree with is pointless, weak, absurd, unproductive, and anemic.

We have to ignore these people. Who cares if they are offended? Like I said earlier," So what?" It is time to move on from this mentality of being chronically outraged and offended.

As always, stay toxic to the left's agenda.

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