Stop Being Mentally Weak

 You're weak! Now before you comment, send me pics of your massive arms, call my momma names, and threaten to pound my face in, hear me out. In times of great prosperity and peace, it is natural for men to become weak.

As an example, millennial men are weaker than their fathers. In just 30 years my generation has dropped a significant amount of physical strength. Of course, there are always outliers. Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson, Larry Wheels and others to name a few. But as a whole, we are physically weaker.

Brawn is essential for many reasons, but I want to address another strength that I believe the vast majority of millennials and "men" (I use that word lightly) just don't have much of - mental toughness.

I see it almost every day, dudes complaining about how tough their life is, how much bs they have to deal with. I see it on Instagram in memes; The Rona is terrible. Being on house arrest sucks. My life is hard and on and on. I had a customer tell me about a situation she was in, which was her fault, was not fair. I could barely believe my ears. UNFAIR? You're a grown woman! I hear that crap from my 5-year-old, but to listen to it from a grownup, dear 8lb 6-ounce baby Jesus.

Let me help you out here, at times, life just sucks! We've created clothing, houses, cars, AC, heaters, electricity, and many other things because the world is trying to kill us. The world without humans is a harsh place; add humans into the mix and it becomes very complicated and just sucks at times.

It's your job to face the suck, push through the suffering and the bs, and build some mental toughness. This crisis is a great opportunity, but only if you approach it that way. Some studies show that great things can come out of suffering.

Let's look at working out. You are stressing your muscles, tearing fibers, and on the other side of healing, they are bigger, denser, and stronger. Any stress, if handled properly, can lead to strength. We need to look at adversity and trials as something that can help us grow, that can bring out the greatness in us.

Your mommy and daddy, assuming they had any kind of sense, never promised you a comfortable, happy life. Without pain, without trials no man can be great. Without suffering and trials, there wouldn't be Christianity for there wouldn't be a Christ, Churchill wouldn't be a household name. None of your favorite NFL, NBA, NHA or MLB players would be where they are without pushing through pain and overcoming setbacks.

The president with the highest IQ, John Quincy Adams, the smartest president that we ever had, is barely remembered. Why? Because he lived, mostly in a time of peace and prosperity. We remember his father and all of the other men he grew up around, but not much about him.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to make a mark on history? You cannot be a man, a strong leader, a warrior, or even a successful person and not be mentally tough. You don't turn 21 and become a man. I know males in their 60s that aren't men. Mental toughness is the foundation of a real man's life and is required for a man to be a man. Now is the time you can fight fear the media is perpetrating, and that is tangible when going to the store. Fight it in your head. Fight it in your heart.

Reason out why you can overcome this situation. Think of how you can grow and come out of the other side better. Then, start working on your plan. If that means forcing yourself to wake up at 5 to work out and read before your day starts or everyone else is up, then do it. Whatever steps you set before yourself they need to be uncomfortable steps. You aren't going to get tougher and stronger by playing it safe. So, let's work on seeing this situation as an opportunity to grow, to be better men, better warriors, and better leaders - developing mental fortitude!

And as always, let's use this situation to stay Toxic.


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