The Government Is Not A Sufficient Father

Fathers are critical to our society. Children often look to their dads as a rock. A man who can take on any task; a man who challenges; a man who fixes broken toys; a man who protects; a man who teaches self-respect; a man who teaches self-esteem; a man who teaches how to treat women; a man that teaches his son how to be a man. Fathers are designed to teach their children how to navigate life and the circumstances that can make us or break us. There is no substitution for a great father.

In 1960, approximately 5.8 million American children lived in fatherless homes. Now, approximately 18 million kids do not know their dad; and approximately 40 percent do not live with their biological father. That is a staggering number of kids who do not have a masculine guide for life.

There is a faction in society that believes men do not have a place in their children's lives. Their line of thinking is not only ignorant; it is dangerous. Men have a duty to teach and lead children as much as women do in nurturing – even the animals have this figured out. Why can't some humans? Oh yes, I forgot: politics.

The American left has consistently belittled men and downplayed the importance of masculinity. We are called brutes, misogynists, sexists, and toxic simply because we disagree with masculinity's social reengineering. Oddly, even Gillette jumped on board in January of 2019 with a commercial geared towards men and insulting us.

The left believes that government is the answer for just about everything – healthcare, energy, education, and yes, even fatherhood. One of the worse things a person can hear is this:

 I am from the government, and I am here to help."

The government is not a sufficient father. Democrats and other left-wing officials want to take taxpayer money and throw it into government programs as if that will solve the issues that come from fatherless homes – four times to live in poverty (when has the government made citizens rich?), emotional/behavioral issues (mental health cannot solve these problems, only medicate), more likely to go to prison, more likely to commit a crime, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to abuse alcohol/drugs and the list goes on.

Across this country, we have social programs developed specifically to deal with substance abuse, mental health issues, poverty, and community issues. Trillions of dollars have been spent, and what do we have to show for it as a country? Not much, fatherlessness continues to climb along with all the problems that spurn off of the epidemic.

As men, we are responsible for our children. We cannot control everything they do. First, that is counterintuitive to one of our duties – teaching. Secondly, children do not learn and mature if they do not make mistakes. It is incumbent upon us to teach them.

Government programs do not create men. Instead, they create adult males who are dependent and were not taught rugged individualism or how to survive independently.

Simply put, engaged, solid fathers who take their duties seriously create young men that grow up to be real men; this is something government can never do.

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