The Left Doesn't Understand The Importance of Raw Masculinity

On September 23rd, I posted about an 8-time sex offender who traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina to Duncan, South Carolina. 53-year-old Douglas Lane entered a Cracker Barrel and found his way to the women's bathroom. A 15-year-old girl was using one of the stalls when she noticed Lane looking at her from under the stall's bottom. Mortified, she screamed, and he left. Fortunately, Cracker Barrel was a stopping place for lunch after a girls' softball tournament. There was a large number of dads who were angered and not going to let Lane leave.

In short, Lane had his tail handed to him. He was left on the ground, actively bleeding, and not allowed to leave until law enforcement arrived to take him into custody.

I made an Instagram, Facebook, and Parler post about this – which garnered hundreds of reactions as expected. I stated that the beatdown Lane received is what one part of masculinity is about – protecting. Specifically, I said, "This is the 'toxic masculinity' the left hates." Due to the likes, comments, and shares, the post reached 20,419 Facebook profiles at the time of this blog. Naturally, that is going to reach some liberals/leftists page.

I got multiple comments that "that is not what toxic masculinity is," referring to standing up for a teenage girl who had a disgusting piece of human trash that spied on her in the bathroom. In typical fashion, they didn't get the message.

The message was this: The world is evil, and nothing will ever change that. The young, weak, and vulnerable need real men who are strong, decisive, courageous, moral, valiant, unafraid, and full of properly applied aggression. Beta males, the left’s ultimate goal for men, possess none of these qualities.

However, due to the blind rage that controls much of the left, they didn't get it. They immediately started defending their position that men should be soft, one-hundred percent agreeable, passive, and neutered. Guys who have these qualities are ineffective. Lane would have got in his vehicle and gone to his next location to re-offend while beta males got on their phones to call law enforcement, who would have likely never identified him since he was from out of town.

Their reasoning? Because we need to be "nice."

No - this is dangerous. There are times when men can't be nice and shouldn't be. Period. 

Some comments from the left were, "the left doesn't hate this." "The left likes this." The irony is thick with those comments. The same people who want to soften men think that the beta males they prefer would step up when a situation is dangerous, volatile, hostile, or unsafe. The best a beta male has to offer is screaming, rape whistles, a cell phone, and out of control emotions – ineffective.

The masculinity leftists have to offer is void. It is empty, constantly emotional, dangerous, and pointless.

There is no changing the evil that walks around the world. The best thing we can do as men is to use our "toxic" masculinity to protect those who need to be protected. The term "toxic masculinity" is meant to change men by demonizing us and trying to make us feel bad.

The left’s idea of masculinity is feckless and weak. If those men were the definition of the left’s idea of masculinity, the suspect would not have felt the physical pain he deserved.  

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