Relative Leftist Theorists Cannot Determine "Proper Masculinity"

I will go ahead and say it now, instead of leaving the theme for this blog as the first paragraph's last sentence. There is not enough traditional masculinity anymore. A lack of manliness is the problem. It is in low numbers. We are starting to see the results of less manliness in our society and men's overall feminization. Suppose we, as a country, continue down this path. In that case, the values of hard work, determination, competition, ingenuity, fight, and salvo when a situation calls for justified violence will be a foregone thought.

I recently read an article titled Harry Styles & The Myth That 'Manly Men' Will Save This Country. The article began by exalting Harry Styles for wearing women's clothing and not being "ashamed" of it. The author says that traditional masculinity is "deadly" but offers no proof for this claim.

As radical leftists tend to do, she contradicts herself by making a couple of absurd statements. "Performing this type of masculinity is not healthy for most men" when referring to traditional manliness. However, she follows up the comment a few paragraphs later with this: "There is nothing wrong with being a traditionally masculine, straight, cisgender man." 

She continues towards the end of her article with the following: "You can be a guy who wears dresses and still have millions of women adore you, or you can be a guy who wears dresses and doesn't care if any women adore you at all. You can be Prince or Billy Porter or David Bowie or even Elliot Page and still fit squarely within the definition of "manly man." That's because all sorts of men are good. Masculinity itself is good and beautiful, in all its forms — as long as it's never used to harm or oppress others."

(You can thank me later for reading and researching this garbage, so you don't have to)

She is attempting to blur the lines of masculinity and turn it into some relative leftist theory that manliness is whatever you want it to be as a person. Leftism uses relativism to advance its agenda in the direction that it is attempting to move. 

For thousands of years, cultures have recognized there are men and women, feminine and masculine. Societies and people have moved through time just fine with this. Why? Because it is natural. It is normal. Suddenly, these woke leftists believe that masculinity needs to change and be diluted to this theory that guys can be any "masculinity." According to the left, men can be soft, dress-wearing, femininized, overly emotional beings in touch with their "feminine side" and still be masculine. 

This is false.

Whether the author wants to believe it or not, masculinity helped make this country; manly men will

help defend and save America. Otherwise, our enemies such as Russia, Iran, and China will destroy us. Even Chinese President Xi Jinping does not like that guys are not as masculine as they once were in China. Meanwhile, Resident Joe Biden is pushing the Equality Act, which will destroy females' privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms, women's sports, and their overall safety for guys who identify as women. And these people will save America? How? Hint: They won't. 

We need manly men more than ever to step up and fight back to save this country. WE NEED MORE TRADITIONAL MASCULINITY, not the new type touted by the left. We need less relative leftist theorists who think they have somehow become enlightened to the "proper way of masculinity" and are trying to destroy it for a small percentage of confused people. 

Manly men will save this country – not leftists in psychosis. 

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