There Is No Substitution for a Dad

For thousands of years, men have taken on roles – many of them expected. We lead our family, facedown threats, go into battle, tirelessly provide, work dangerous jobs, get little sleep, and sacrifice to make life a little easier for our loved ones. These are some of the basic things men who embrace their masculinity and role as men to honor the tradition known as manhood. However, the most crucial role assigned to a man is being a dad.

I know this blog is a week after Father's Day, but I wanted to look at some left-leaning websites. Often, not just around Father's Day, but randomly throughout the year, I see articles bashing fatherhood. They say that dads are not needed, and the independent mothers are good enough.

Those sentiments are garbage through and through.

Children, both boys and girls, need their dad. In fact, they just need a dad. There is no substitution for the love of a father. I have seen cases where a man will step into the role of a father and successfully provide the masculine guidance needed; however, those times are few and far between. Men need to step up and be an interactive part of their child's life. Not just any child, but the one they helped create.

If the fathers in America do not wake up and realize they need to raise their sons and daughters, we will collapse. This country cannot continue down the road of allowing popular culture, Hollywood celebrities, music stars, and sports personalities to raise America's youth.

Celebrities influence children as they grow up. While a parent with more than two brain cells may not want that, it is unavoidable in the digital world we live. However, the basis of values, manners, self-respect, morals, ethics, and benefits must be taught at a young age so that outside influence is minimal.

We see a problem with parents now that are okay with their children being primarily raised by Hollywood, celebrities, and television/internet. Does anyone else agree that this is detrimental and highly dangerous to our future?

Dads, there is nothing that can fully replace our role in our children's lives. And we should make sure that nothing slips in to replace us, primarily while our child is young. Our kids will grow up to be adults, and that is a topic for another blog. But while they are young and impressionable, it is our responsibility to instill as many good qualities as possible – manners, respect, logical thinking, critical thinking, responsibility, ethics, and the list continues.

As fathers, we should be strong and resilient that we will be the ones who raise our children - not someone who has a leftist agenda to brainwash our kids. That has gone on for far too long, and sadly we are reaping what was sowed.

As always, stay toxic to the left's agenda.

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