Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity Are A Myth - Here Is Why.

I’ve spoken about the term “toxic masculinity” dozens of times since this brand started. However, for some reason, I have never written about it and how it is an invalid, meaningless phrase. But while I was pondering over how I would address it, I thought about the term “toxic femininity” as well. Toxic femininity is not as popular, though it has been used a lot recently. I see it from time-to-time on social media as a way to get back, so to speak, at those using toxic masculinity, as a derogatory towards men. In reality, both terms are stupid and irrational.

To state the obvious, we are all humans. There are two genders, like it or not, male or female. While a man or woman has certain physical traits that define if they are male or female, we do share similar emotions – happiness, sadness, joy, anger, frustration, etc. We also have the same qualities in that succeeding in life, for most people, is the desired goal.

When people want to move ahead in life, they have a choice to make. Take an honest and ethical road or the deceitful, backstabbing route. It is their choice, and no one else’s. The same rules apply to everyday behavior for men and women. Whatever the choice, their gender has nothing to do with how they act and what choices they make. It has to do with what type of person they are – good or bad, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical.

The term “toxic masculinity” began in the 1980s during the Mythopoetic movement. This was a time when men sat around and read poetry to gain self-understanding; it sounds terrible. During this time, men were told to “soften up, don’t be rough, and be in touch with your feminine side.” Now, we have beta males raising children and telling them the same garbage.

Men are supposed to be rough and tough. Who is going to fight for our freedoms and liberties against terrorists who don’t care that you’re in touch with your “feminine side?” Does evil care that you read poetry and tell stories to other guys? Of course not. If you buy into this nonsense, that makes you easier to kill.

The fact is “toxic masculinity” is what makes men dangerous to those who want to harm others. It makes men more attractive to females. It makes men take risks and fuel ambitious desires, which gives them a purpose in life.

I have seen the phrase “toxic femininity” bantered around on social media a lot lately. I feel the same way about it as “toxic masculinity” – the term is a myth. There is nothing toxic about femininity itself. However, gossip, backstabbing, lying, arrogance, and rudeness are common among women. Do you see anything about these traits? Yes, they are the same for men – which makes my point.

Bad personalities, traits, and actions are not exclusive to one gender, but both. At the core of this discussion, we are men or women who strive to be good, honest, and genuine or bad, liars, and manipulative.

Neither terms are valid, people themselves are toxic, but it has nothing to do with gender. The term “toxic masculinity” was invented as a way to reengineer what it is to be masculine for the ultimate goal of changing men to fit a particular social agenda. The term “toxic femininity” has been created to “get back” at those calling masculinity toxic, and it is childish.

The bottom line is that there are good people, and there are bad people. Social Justice Warriors are trying to create another perceived injustice to push their radical leftist agenda further into our culture and society. 

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.

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