What Is A Man?

In the last eight to ten years, men have fallen under attack. We are badgered for being who we are. There is a culture that tells us that we have to be vulnerable and not as competitive. They say men are too stoic and that is a problem for society. There is no proof of that.

Many of these people are of a certain political faction that falls primarily on the left. They do not want men in the workplace who are competitive and driven. Their claim is that it is not equal or fair that men have certain traits and they should suppress their drive so that others can excel. 

Men, we are put on this earth for balance. Both men and women have certain traits and tendencies that when we act appropriately brings an even keeled harmony. There are times when men must be stoic, competitive or even aggressive. However, we must always be under control. As University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson said "A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very, very dangerous man who has it under voluntary control."

We must be dangerous and stay under control. When we have to use that danger, we must control how much we use it and how violent we are in cases or protecting our families. 

Guys, stand up for masculinity. Stand up for the goodness we bring to the country and our society. I refuse to let some faction that hates men along with a political party tell me how to be a man. 

A man fights, strives, works hard, takes care of his family, loves his wife more than just physically and always does the right thing regardless of the consequences. 

Stay Manly and Stay Toxic

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  • I think the libs will find that message very toxic. Too much truth just isn’t PC.

    John Cutler

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