What Is The Toxic Man?

In January of 2019, Gillette shaving products released a commercial about "toxic masculinity." Their advertisement painted men in a bad light. They portrayed us as uncontrollable jerks who were negligent fathers, chronic skirt chasers, and consistent bullies at all ages. 

They refused to accept men in a traditional role but more in a light that only the left approves. Actors followed scripts to soften men and make them weak and vulnerable. 

We don't feel that way here. If men are vulnerable we will be left with a weak society and culture. And yes, vulnerability is a weak point in a person. The definition of vulnerable means to be "physically or emotional susceptible to harm."

The world is filled with predators that hunt and destroy vulnerable individuals based solely on weakness. 

As men, we are responsible for deterring and fighting predators who try to harm us, our families or innocent weak individuals. We must be willing to protect and pushback. If we are these "men" Gillette and other Social Justice "Warriors" want us to be the world and society will be ruled by people with evil and dangerous intent. 

The Toxic Man brand is about men protecting through masculinity, strength and stoicism. If certain people can wear shirts, hats and display bumper stickers that curse our manliness then we need to be proud of our masculinity and show it.

The Toxic Man is about us men. Real men. Real masculinity. Real manliness. Being a dangerous man who is capable of damage at any moment but in control of ourselves knowing that we will only use the protective sprit we possess when danger arises to our families or a weaker person. 

Men, be proud of your masculinity. Our manliness is not based on what a politically correct commercial says. Our masculinity is based on being strong, stoic, involved fathers, women respecters, dangerous under control, and a confident protector who likes firearms, and working hard. 

If those qualities are toxic then I am The Toxic Man.

If you're a Toxic Man then let us know in the comments. 

Stay Masculine and Stay Toxic

- John


  • Thank you so much for all the work in penning these thoughts. We need writings like this to inspire, to light the spark that would make more men masculine. Grateful.

  • I grew up in a different time none of what i see today was even dreamt of ( pc safe space cyberspace bullies and even your shot glasses and tee shirts) I started street fighting at age 12 if you were picked on your mom told go out and hit him we got older we hung out on street corners now gangs we protected our neighbors and our girls later came Vietnam nuff said From then till now I live by a code Family Faith friendship courage honor
    Death before dishonor


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