Yes, Men Should Fight Daily

Too many men have no more fight left in them. They have become soft, useless beings who are okay with the status quo. Thousands of years ago, the men would get up and search for food- every day was about survival. There were no grocery stores or even markets. It was up to the men. They battled the elements, predators, harsh landscapes, and other obstacles to provide for their wives and children. Why? Because it was their honorable duty. Today, too many men no longer fight. They are complacent with boredom and ease.

As men, we are responsible for the environment within our household. We come home from work. Perhaps our wife stays at home. Maybe she comes back from work after you do. Regardless, It is up to us to make sure your entrance into your castle or her arrival at home is exciting and pleasant. This is one of the more important fights we have every day.

We cannot let the troubles of work, co-workers, rush-hour traffic, or other aggravations ruin our household. Every day is a fight. It is a fight against a bad mood, frustration, kids disobeying, and anything that might derail the day.

All of this culminates into one of the biggest, most protracted fights you will face: searching for a great marriage. Let’s be clear: marriage is hard. However, the degree of difficulty depends on who we are as men and how we fight to make it easier. Yes, there will be troubles, irritations, and she will make choices that make your head spin, mainly committing you to a kid’s birthday party (you can laugh).

Fighting is one of the most primal things we can do as men. When we look back at history, there are many great warriors/armies. As times change, so have men. Today’s masculinity is soft for too many men. We were never meant to be weak. Because of this, men have become bored with life leading to alcoholism, pornography, drug use, and extramarital affairs - all things which hurt the relationship with their wife.

Why do they do this? For a thrill. Masculinity needs excitement. Getting up daily and working hard to provide for your family should excite you. Yes, we also need hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, recreational sports, and time with the boys to bring forth our masculinity in a way that is productive and healing to the masculine soul.

Most importantly, we need to fight for our marriage. We did not have ideas of boredom and routine when we married our spouse, and neither did she. Do not become complacent with her. Once you allow routine to creep in, you have begun losing the fight for your marriage. A whopping 75 percent of marriages end due to lack of commitment- every percent can be assigned to a lack of aggression to preserve the union.

Men, we thrive on fighting. We MUST fight daily. Our marriage deserves the battle. After all, it is the least we can do for our children and promise made on our wedding day.

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