The Left Wants to Cancel Real Masculinity for Their Version of a "Man."

The Toxic Man (TTM) brand has been around since January of 2019. I started noticing that feminized men were popping up more and more, then Gillette decided to jump on the bandwagon with their commercial about “toxic masculinity.” We see more feminized boys and men in popular culture and daily more now than ever. Boys who do not have a strong masculine influence in their lives begin to think that boys should be more feminine – unconscious or not; it is an issue. Now, we have the term “toxic masculinity.” It has been around since the 1980s but was widely ignored. Leftists have seized this term and morphed it into a rallying cry against traditional masculinity. Do you think they will ever stop? Of course not. The goal is to remake masculinity, and the left sets the rules.

As TTM has grown, I have received direct messages and comments on posts defending the anti-masculine movement. They lie, saying that the term “toxic masculinity” is about stomping out certain “dangerous” traits but not getting rid of masculinity. The traits currently under fire are stoicism, individualism, competition, and emotional control. But this is just the beginning.

If you pay any attention to politics and cultural movements, the request to change norms is incrementalism. The left’s requests always start as seemingly benign. However, the first requests are never enough once they get their way. Those demands are often followed up with another, which has another appeal directly behind it. It is like watching a heroin addict slip further down addiction – they crave more each time, and it never ceases.

So, while it seems mild that we should “just listen” to what radical feminists and leftists say, should we? Well, that depends on two things (1) your ability to debate and debunk their claims and (2) their ability to maintain an adult, civil conversation – the latter is unlikely to happen.

The final goal of the movement is to eliminate traditional masculinity. They want to remake men into a “new masculinity.” The left will determine the new way of being a man. The movement leaders will sit on mainstream news networks, write articles for left-wing publications, and push the narrative in television shows and movies. These mediums will be the vehicle to tell you their rules on what is acceptable masculinity. And it is already happening.  

Don’t believe me? Look at how they are treating our country already. The left demonizes our Founding Fathers, disrespects the flag, and marginalizes the military, to name a few. And masculinity is on the same road.

Why do they want to cancel traditional masculinity and remake it? Because masculine men like us stand in their way. We believe in the family unit, freedom, country, and liberty. When men stand for traditions, values, and morals, we threaten the left’s agenda. Resistance against the left’s agenda hinders their movement, and that is why men must change, i.e., be weak, agreeable, and non-confrontational.

The left wants to rule society and our culture. One of their biggest obstacles is men like us. As long as boys are taught that masculinity is important and compliments femininity in a way that no political ideology can, we will survive. However, expect a fight. The left does not just go away. They will continue to try and change masculinity, primarily through the “education” (indoctrination) system and the media. It is incumbent upon us to maintain traditional masculine values and pass them on to the next generation of real men.

As always, stay toxic to the left’s agenda.


  • Love your stuff. I’ve been saying this for a few years now. It’s easy to take over a country full of feminized men. Staying toxic to the end!

    Todd Roberts
  • They are attacking anything that " reeks" of masculinity


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